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A journey starts with one step. But, the step has to be in the right direction! Let us help you save time and head towards your goal.

Do you wonder:

  • What job opportunities are there for me to work in a international development NGO or aid agency?

  • How do I transfer my skills into the development sector?

  • What qualifications, courses or experience do I need to be an aid worker?

  • How could I use my training and experience to work in international development in the UK or overseas?

  • Why am I not getting a positive response from my applications?

If you have questions similar to these then this service is right for you. A One to One provides you with advice and information about working within the international development sector and we will:

  • Explore your background and your aspiration

  • Figure out what you want to do in development

  • Brainstorm on where and with whom you could do that

  • Revamp your overall approach from CV to informational interviews to social media

You should come out of the session with a clear view of what you want, where it can be found and what you need to do.


"The range of advice was excellent"

"The service offered invaluable tailored advice and guidance on taking the rights steps towards a career in development."

Our Advisors
Are mature, experienced people who have worked overseas and are involved in selection, recruitment, coaching or training. They know what agencies are looking for. Based upon our expert knowledge base they will be able to answer your questions and set you straight.

The service is offered via Skype or WhatsApp and we offer three levels of service to match your needs:

  • Silver
    A one-off conversation by Skype or email and includes a CV critique and a review of your job hunting strategy.

  • Gold
    This is 2 sessions and includes a full CV review and a review of your job hunting strategy and your LinkedIn profile and a follow-up session to review your CV rewrite and other progress.

  • Platinum
    As the Gold service with 4 weeks unlimited
    * Skype/email support when you need it.

Booking your One to One
You need to save and fill-in the One to One form and email it to us. The information you provide will form the baseline for your consultation. You also need to email a copy of your CV. Then purchase the service level you require.

Once we have this information we will be in touch to organise your consultation.

We know you're busy working and may have limited times to talk, so for your convenience appointments are available day, evening and some Saturday mornings (subject to availability). Conversations happen by Skype.

Don't or can't use PayPal
PayPal offers a secure payment method and a 60 day money refund. You don't need an account or to register your bank debit or credit card. However, PayPal is not available in all countries; 28 countries currently do not have the service.

The Alternative?
Payments can be made by direct bank transfer or Western Union Money Transfer, depending on your county of residence there might be additional charges. Email for details.

* Normal working days and times.

Important note:
We do not write your CV or cover letters, there are many specialist agencies that provide this service.


Client Feedback

"Thank you for the advice and encouragement you've given me. Not only did you - literally - hand me the job, you also gave me the kick and realisation that there was no point sitting around talking about it, if I wanted to get into international development, I had to just really try to do it."

"I really appreciated the advisors down to earth, 'tell it like it is' style - I quickly felt very confident he knew what he was talking about and as a result of the session now know what is need to do to get my CV up to scratch - would definitely recommend this service"

"I received clear, open and honest advise. It was really helpful to hear where I was going wrong from a professional. I won't be making the same mistakes in the future!"

Special Price
 includes processing and admin fees

Silver £130.00



Gold £160.00



Platinum £290.00



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