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History & Ethic

World Service Enquiry is the only organisation offering information and personal advice to people who are interested in working in International Development. Our reputation is for providing quality information to the public about the range of suitable opportunities that exist.

World Service Enquiry was the information activity of the ecumenical agency and registered charity Christians Aboard (established in 1973) and was a founding member of BOND and an agency of CTBI. However, in July 2010 WSE became independent and has no association with Christians Abroad.

We provide information to inform you about your options that might enable you to contribute to International Development.


A world without poverty and with equal opportunity and shared resources for all people based upon understanding and cooperation that is achieved by education and awareness of individual responsibility.


To educate and promote skill sharing, cultural exchange and understanding through the provision of channelling commitment and energy towards our vision. We believe in a fairer sharing of opportunities and resources and acknowledge this is a two-way process of learning and sharing in which skills are shared, all learn and through which political change may become a reality. We aim to:

  • Affirm global citizenship and work toward the eradication of poverty and justice for all.

  • Harness and resource the efforts of every group and individual with a contribution to make.


Our values are based upon a philosophical and theological understanding and recognition of diversity and the individualís right to dignity, equal opportunity and resources. We uphold professionalism, knowledge and transparency within our work. 


To achieve our mission we provide services that:

  • Enable people to engage in civil society and global development.

  • Promote greater awareness and understanding within the UK of global mutual dependence by enabling individuals to make informed choices through professional resources. 

Specifically we provide:

  • First point of contact information via email to encourage people into positive action

  • Information to educate, inform and recognise global citizenship and responsibility

  • Personal services for guidance and council


Most of the advice and information work of World Service Enquiry is based on considerable research and time, and is only possible with the income from sales and services which largely covers our direct costs.

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WSE supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

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